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Hey guys, it’s been a while.

Sorry for no updates or pictures as of late - real life got kind of busy for a bit and I haven’t been drawing as much as I would have liked. I’ve got a new laptop for now! It’s taking a bit of getting used to but here’s a WIP I’ve been working on for the past few days on the family laptop.

"People aren’t always going to be there for you, that’s why you learn to handle things on your own" 

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ah man, sorry for all these sporadic updates lately. Some stuff at work is bringing me down and it’s just bollocks tbh, I’d want to talk about it but I have limited time on the internet and well, I just think I’d be bringing people down tbh.

I miss you guys a lot honestly haha ;;;



WHOAAA I WAS TAGGED do I answer the 6 at the bottom or what

Yep the six at the bottom are all yours buddy

I was tagged by ocarinaprince

Favourite movie genre?

I’ve only just recently gotten enthused by horror, it’s something about the imagination as well fear that really intrigues me. I love to be scared and I like a lasting impression that it gives. Though I do tend to watch a lot of animated movies more than I do with live action hahaha.

When and why did you start to use Tumblr?

Oh boy, I started tumblr way back in 2011 at one of the more darker points of my life. I won’t really divulge into what did happen back then though I imagine that those who knew me back then must have had the patience of a saint. I started to use tumblr mainly because one of my friends had gotten into it and recommended it to me hahaha. 

What is your party trick?

Standing close to someone and farting. Then slowly edge away so that others assume who is responsible. It’s like cluedo with flatulence. Gotta try it, real ice breaker.

Have you been abroad?

I’ve been to Turkey and Majorca, both times were when I was rather young

Otps please :)

/LAUGHS LOUDLY OH BOY Sully/Virion Edea/Ringabel Bayonetta/me Yuan/Kratos Luka/Gakupo Luka/Meiko uhhhh there is probably more but  I don’t remember most of them other than my shitty ocs hAHAHAHA

Favourite band/musician?

Anamanaguchi, The Romanovs, Underbar [Utaite], Susumu Hirasawa, Emilie Simon, Christophe Willem and from what I’ve heard so far, I really like Trass’ music for Painted Heart and Dreaming Mary.

What 3 things would you take with you to a deserted island?

sketchbook, pens and slendy mcbendy [my panda]

Favourite pokemon if you have one?

Croagunk or Golem

What never fails to cheer you up?


Did you ever try to complete or complete a Rubiks cube?

I’ve never tried hahahahahaha.

I am super lazy to come up with my own questions so here’s the questions:

  1. Do you have a favourite character?
  2. If you do, then who is your least favourite?
  3. Alright pin them both together in a fight with one of those spaghetti pool floatie things - who would win?
  4. Have you ever done the splits? No?? Then how about being caught singing really loudly when you think no-ones home
  5. Do you like pringles?
  6. Ok serious time now, have you ever considered doing an art trade with me? If so, would you like to.

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Lost three followers due to my dulcet tones. y’all missing out

I did this really early this morning. Apparently I serenaded Shachisan with this glorious song.

As you can clearly tell I should have won x factor with these flawless vocals. [ as in actually don’t expect this to be great as I’m tone deaf LMAO ]

I don’t like shipping things I really don’t because as soon as I do I descend into the recesses of satans asshole and become one with the unholy crevice.

please stop me

this game ruined me

this game ruined me

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